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Whatever happened to Christopher?
We would arrange to meet and he would cancel at the last moment, or make out he was surprised I wanted to commit to an actual time to do stuff. My relationships, however casual, do not work on flexi time. So I didn’t return his call. Or his text. I think he’s back in Australia now.

What’s the sordid event you hinted at a few weeks ago? You know, when you stopped blogging for a while?
My Ma and I weren’t getting on. We’re over it now, happy families again. She’s in London visiting my sister Amber for a few weeks so I have her place to myself. Then what I’ll probably do is live between my other sister’s flat and my Ma’s apartment to spread the love.

You haven’t mentioned Christmas? What did you do?
I still wasn’t speaking to my Ma at that point so it was a bit dreadful. I was invited to spend Christmas with Holly’s partners family, which I did. We had a huge meal - all the Festive stuff - but I was in a bit of a funk. I’ve decided to have an anti-Christmas next year. I think I might start up a business, there’s definitely a market. The Jews will be in for one.

And what about New Years?
My friend Sam flew down from Auckland and stayed with me. We spent all New Years day looking for a muddler to make cocktails and in the evening I nearly got in a fight at a House Party. It wasn’t my fault. The guy was kicked out and I was given a bottle of vodka to drink from because I was so brave. Between you and I, I could have taken the guy.

I missed the London lot on New Years too.

How’s the writing going – honestly?
It keeps going better than I expect, honest. I really like being a full time writer.

What’s the weather like?

Horrible. Everyone’s complaining. A recent headline stated ‘Tourists, Kiwis flee New Zealand “Summer”. Still better than freezing your tits off in London, though.

Anything troubling you?

I’m spending more money than I should. I have to save up enough for my flight home. I worry I’m not going to finish in time, but I guess its what keeps me motivated. My eyebrows are getting a bit bushy.

Bump into anyone you know?
Actually, I’ve seen quite a few people from High School recently. Just got in contact with one of my oldest and dearest friends. He has a two year old kid now. He might come and stay. I hugged my Sixth Form Classics teacher when I saw her in the street.

How’s Harri?

He’ll be walking any day soon.

You know asking yourself questions in the third person is a little, you know, wanky? And this post isn’t funny at all...

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