My agent calls me back after playing phone tag for a few hours.
‘So what about this audition on Thursday?’ he barks.
This is the first time I’ve spoken to him in over a month. My Agent is gruff and very blokey. I once suggested I give him a call after an audition to tell him how it went and he gave me a look which said “Why stop there? Drop by the office and we can all hug and talk about our feelings, why don’t ya.”
‘An audition on Thursday? I’m not sure... Did you email me about it?’ I say, flustered.
‘Nah, I’m asking you. Can you do it?’
‘Oh, yes, sure. So what is...’
‘I’ll email it now.’
He hangs up.

The Audition is for an “Admiring Pedestrian”. The call sheet says I need to “play a character (wear what you might in your everyday life) and find a reason for doing something on the street eg checking for change for parking meter, looking up timetable, sweeping the street whatever.”

This is a quick list of five ideas I just brain stormed:
Shooting up crack
Being a hustler
Walking a dog
Skipping (?)
Avoiding the cracks in the footpath (??)

But their ideas are good too whatever.

The call sheet continues:

You will be give two reaction shots as the car drives past.

1. Internal reaction of admiration
2. External manifestation of that reaction

Just lucky I went to Drama School for two years and studied Chekov then.

OTHER INFO: There will be a paid recall. If you may the short list. (sic)

‘Nuff said.

Yeah, yeah, email me

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