Awful Hallway Art #4
If it's hanging in the communal hallway, it's fair game...

Wellington’s Riviera
(Acrylic on Canvas)

What’s this? Sweeping perspective? (A horizon!). The blending of paints to attain a gradient of colour? Darks and lights to distinguish distance?
The technique she improves, n’est pas?
I have been pejorative about Johni’s back log, but it seems his practice has paid...

Oh dear.

Johni, when you carefully park your car in the garage, do you then accelerate into the wall and smash the fender? After an expensive hair cut, do you go home and shave your head? (Oh, I had my hair cut btw. It has this whole rockabilly thang going on. Short but fetching. Where was I? Oh, yes). And when you paint a reasonably good landscape, do you add a hideous “tree” all over the bottom right hand corner of the canvas? Yes. Yes, you do.
Johni – lover - you must’ve had to wait for the under paint to dry. You would have stood back and looked at your handiwork. Did nothing tell you to quit while you’re ahead? You can’t paint leaves. These here are messy and red. Things that are messy and red should not be included in paintings. No real reason, they just shouldn't.

Don’t be disheartened, Johni. Keep going like this (sans leaves) and you’ll be eating at the big painter’s table very soon.

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