Letters to the Editor

Dear New Zealand,
Thanks for having me. You were sunny and easy going, and seemed genuinely pleased to see me. For the first time I think I really appreciated you as well.
You made it legal for gays to marry and banned fags being smoked in bars. Your hip hop rocks. One day, when climate change has made the rest of the world uninhabitable, I will sail my friends here in a boat and show you to them. We’ll drink pinot noir on a hill somewhere because by then the polar ice caps would have melted.
All my love,
p.s. thanks to NZ bloggers for making me feel at home too - Jemsweb, MirimarMike & Tony.

Dear hot boys,
You were few and far between, but it was worth the wait – if you’re into that whole surfer grungy tanned beach boy look.
Which I am.
I’d have to give you a good wash with a damp flannel first though.
ttfn, Drew

Dear Harri,
You said “Drew” today for the first time. Twice. It’s like you've been waiting for the right moment.
I don’t know if it’s harder or easier that you’re not old enough for me to explain why I’m going. Harder maybe. Whatever it is they put in babies to make sure you don’t tread on them is such a part of me now. The world is baby proofed in my head. It kills me I’m not going to be here to make sure you keep away from the sharp corners.
You crawled. You walked. You vomited a lot. I can change a nappy without blinking. You love books now. And when I say “bubye” in a stupid voice.
You dance whenever there’s music. Even in a crowded cafe. You don’t care if anyone’s watching. In fact, I think you enjoy an audience.
You’re a rough old kid too. You bite and scratch and grab my foot when I’m sleeping. But you always do it with a wry smile which is probably why I haven’t trodden on you yet.
I think that’s what surprised me most. How much of myself I see in you.
All my love kiddo,
Uncle Drew

Dear book,
Can I call you that yet? Unfinished manuscript doesn’t have the same ring to it.
You turned out better than I ever expected. You’re not sophisticated and urbane. They’ll never describe you as “Sex and the City meets Prozac Nation” or whatever, but you’re about families and growing up and the unlikely alliances we make in life, and for some reason, animals. A whole freakin’ zoo.
Can’t wait to see more of you.

To my Ma, Holly and Ellie,
We didn’t murder each other.
Love, Drew
p.s. your kindness, strength and love over this 6 months has been such an incredible gift. Thank you.

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