"That date was unfortunate. My sympathies. I think I've had it, that date... once or twice.

Happy Canada Day, from a Canadian reader."
M Spider

"You do realize you were employing a common European strategy of snobbery? E.g., your yawning to indicate "you're asking too many questions for polite and cultured conversation." My experience has been that Kiwis aren't good at snobbery -- too militantly working class by culture, if not nature (I have no idea what is your nature, but can make an informed guess to
your culture). I'm not saying you're not a good Kiwi, I'm just saying you're bad at snobbery like a good Kiwi. You should have taken his hand in yours, quietly stroked it with your thumb a time or two, looked him in what I am sure are handsome eyes, and just honestly told him, I'm not ready for these questions. That would have really turned him on. Cue hot sex later that evening. But, no, you went and ruined it. He called you a European, and then you turned around and behaved like one in the worst, most condescending fashion. Shame, shame, shame. SHAME.
Kindest regards,
(Email edited for length)

From: Lizzie
Just read your blog. Sounds like you had boy PMT. And his questions were exactly the kind that would get my back up. You could charm him again easily, if you want to X

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