Martin: late twenties, olive skin, owns his own apartment
I invited him over for dinner with my flatmate and her friend. I cooked, laid on wine, floating candles and good conversation. Outcome: We didn’t call each other again. I was put out that he didn’t even text to say thanks for the meal.

Kurt: late twenties, works in telly
Met Kurt at a bar but didn’t really fancy him to begin with. He did great text in the following week however and I agreed to go for a drink. When I rang to confirm, he’d made other plans. Now, that’s usually a strike three, but he kept texting and on Sunday I invited him for a drink. His response? “I think so… Let’s speak later and make plans.” Sheesh, non-committal much?

Mark: early thirties, bites when he kisses
Another one I wasn’t sure of, but he was keen and at the moment being keen is all it takes. I’ve not heard from him since Saturday even though I took the initiative and invited him out this Thursday.

Good lord men. Apathy kills!

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