20 Fast Ones

• We now have a washing machine that washes. Never before has white wear make me teary.
• I got a lovely email today from Breanna over at the Austinist – welcoming me to the –ist family. Feel the love.
• Speaking of – I’m having a drink with the Londonista tonight. Never really met any real bloggers (Lizzie, Christopher, you don’t count). Hope they don’t make fun of my syntax.
• Speaking of – I reviewed the Embankment at the Tate Modern. (What? You’re complaining I write for them more than I do here now? It’s the same old words, just on a website that doesn’t have design aesthetics circa early 1999…)
• I’ve gone off verdana 8.5, 1.5 lines. I’ve written almost everything in this font for two years. I’ve gone all Times New Roman 12. Oldschool.
• I can’t finish the Time Traveller’s Wife. I tried. It just didn’t do it for me.
• My brother is coming to stay this weekend.
• I am going to try not to say oldschool again, especially in his company.
• Columbia Road Markets (where I went last Sunday) is the only place you’ll hear a right cockney geezer yell “Pansies! Come and get yer pansies!”
• There is a shop that sells fairy cakes on Columbia Road too. The cakes are delicious but cost an arm and a leg.
• I still managed to eat two.
• In New Zealand we call regular tea “gumboot” tea. Over here it’s “builder’s” tea. Anything herbal is just “lezza tea”.
• Oh, and I didn’t give up coffee because coffee didn’t give up on me.
• It’s good having Daisy back.
• If you email me, I’ll buy you one for Christmas. Choose a style now to avoid disappointment.
• Today it’s officially Autumn. Officially to me.
• The pigeons in Soho Square are reaching plague proportions. When a car backfires the air swarms with them and I pretend I’m Tippi Hedren.
• I now have enough matching socks. This is quite a defining moment in my adulthood.
• This is my first Winter in 18 months and I’m going to splash out and buy rakish scarf.
• What if the best is yet to come?

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