As friends who read this blog have pointed out – there really hasn’t been enough Drew in the world lately (insert laughter/new friends). There’s been a busy Christmas (in Dublin, the first with my Dad), a book to finish (not quite) and other blogs - kitchen, light, rug and chair ones to be exact (link to them and I’ll love you forever).

In the month since I posted last, I’ve cried at the Tate Modern, had my underwear inspected and promised myself to stop dating non-English speakers. Things have been pretty good really - the irony is that as your life gets better, there’s often less to write about.

I went to the archives. It’s an odd experience reading old posts. It throws up awkward memories and even more awkward writing, but the scope of it, well - it’s one of the greatest things I’ve achieved. I considered moving the archives to the new blog, but then I realised it had to stay an entity of its own, to be visited sparingly, but not forgotten. I mean, who would want to forget the time Jesus peed in my bed (Part One & Two)? Or the time I went to the Marilyn Manson Concert? The Supermarket? The time I was flamed? Or when I made the boy I liked fill out a Compatability Test?

Oh yeah, they were sure some neat times.

The new blog, erm, didn't work out either - so I'm now in a blogging purgatory until the urge to blab about my life grips me again. And it will. Until then, thanks for reading and follow your bliss.

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